Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Words for 2009

What are your themes for 2009? On his blog, Chris Brogan chose three words to summarize his goals for 2009. These are my three: health, growth and persistence.

Health is a renewed commitment to monitor my physical, business, relational, spiritual, and emotional health throughout the year and to improve my health where it is flagging.

Growth is the goal to continue to acquire new skills and insights at work (in both my legal work and teaching) and spiritually, so that I will draw closer to God.

Persistence is the key to both my health and growth goals - not to waver from the path, not to skip a day now and then (which becomes a week now and then, a month, etc.). It is so easy to begin in January with fresh resolutions, only to drop them within weeks. This year I am committed to daily check ups.